Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring

BoFloor Industrial Flooring, Commercial Flooring , Hospitality and Kitchen Flooring,from heavy duty, non-slip tiles made of recycled pvc; a quick and clean alternative to ceramic tiles, floor-coatings , epoxy flooring , concrete coatings and screeds .

Characteristics of BoFix Industrial floorings:
  • Minimal downtime: ongoing production during laying
  • No setting time, so immediately load-resistant
  • Resistant to (extremely) high loads
  • Suitable for trucks, HGVs and heavy duty applications
  • Resistant to most greases, oils and chemicals
  • Impermeable 
  • Anti-slip, even under wet conditions
  • Fireproof
  • Applicable to all load bearing subfloors
  • Insulating so no more cold feet
  • Ergonimic
  • High sound absorption creates a tranquil operating environment
  • Hygienic according to HACCP-standards
  • Easy and fast cleaning and maintenance
  • Multifunctional use in both new construction and renovation

 BoFix industrial floor-tiles (490x490x10 mm) made of elastic recycled pvc. The tiles are glued with waterressistant 2K-PU glue. The floor becomes liquid-tight by welding the joints first with coldweld-liquid  and after that with hotwelding with a pvc-welding rod. BoFix industrail floorings are available in 3 standardcolors*: black, dark-grey and grey and 2 different surfaces. Gl or RL

* more colors are possible on demand

Applications of the BoFix Industrial floorings: heavy vehicle workshops, productionplants, factories, warehouses, mess kitchens & cafetarias, general mining applications,  & amentities, airplane hangars, ramps, walkways, corridors, railway stations, airports, shops, offices, schools, colleges, garages, workshops, exhibitions, sports & leisure facilities, prisons, police & fire stations

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